August 5, 2019

About Me

Salam Allaykum,

I am Ranya, I am a British Egyptian Muslim currently based in the UK. Although I was born Muslim, I only started wearing hijab in October 2018, just before turning 30. Anyone who has taken the decision to wear the hijab knows all to well that its a completely life-changing process. It changes where you shop, where you spend your leisure time and even the destinations you may travel to.

I know it may sound silly but one of my biggest concerns after deciding to wear the hijab was where will I buy good quality fashionable modest clothing, especially as I live in a rural market town with a very small Muslim population. So I spent a lot of time doing my research to find the best places to shop for all things halal and hijab online for a variety of different products and services. One day I thought to myself, there must be many women out there who struggle also to find suitable high-quality products so I came up with an idea…

…Hijab Haven is Born!

I created Hijab Haven with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life and empowering Hijabis. It is a resource centre for the modern hijabi woman. Covering everything from where to shop, where to travel and who to follow for inspiration. My aim is to help empower Muslim women to live a better quality of life by advising them on products and services that are halal and hijabi friendly.

I hope you enjoy my site. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below or email me at

Jazzak Allah Khair.

Ranya Shirbini,

Founder of Hijab Haven

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