August 8, 2019

Hijab and Sports – You have No Excuses!

Before I started wearing the hijab I use to train at least three times a week. I was obsessed with weight training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). The afterburn feeling of a good weight training session and the pump of cardio made me feel euphoric. When I started wearing hijab one of my biggest questions was…

…What does a hijabi wear to the gym?

I was so self-conscious, particularly because I live in a Western country where it’s really hard to find ladies-only gym facilities. I had no idea how to dress modestly yet practically and of course fashionably for working out. So I spent a lot of time researching hijabi fitness bloggers to find out if the hijab and gym are compatible. Here are my favourite fitness influencers to follow for modest sportswear fashion inspiration.


1. Manal Rostom

Manal is an Egyptian runner and mountaineer based in Dubai. Manal crushed the stigma surrounding hijab in sports when she became the first hijabi model to become a Nike brand ambassador. Manal’s style is trendy and sophisticated. She showcases how to wear a selection of Nike pieces for the ultimate ‘on-trend’ sports look on her Instagram. Her staple piece is the Nike prohijab

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✨ Reflections ✨ Epiphanies✨ “Stop Acting so Small; You are the *Universe* in Ecstatic Motion.” . . . We do NOT give ourselves enough credit for everything we stand for or who we actually are. Or CAN be. Read that again. OH.MY.GOD. We are STUCK comparing and competing. All day. All night. Perhaps social media has become a weapon to compare and compete and where your accomplishments sometimes surpass your wildest dreams, sometimes in bed at night, you think of something or someone yet still feel small. Or not Enough. For what? Or for whom? Why? If only we can isolate our thoughts & senses to the great potential that’s inside, forgive yourself FIRST and FOREMOST, that’s when your utmost greatness will come through. Power through 💫 ✨ #Namaste . . . #countdowntoIDK #PZRevelations #nofilter #nike Photo credits @namshi

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